My Approach

Rock what you got. 

It doesn’t matter where you are. It matters where you are going.

I focus on core strength, proper posture and total body balance. I use simple, safe and effective techniques.

Core strength makes sitting, walking, standing, running and all forms of movement easier and safer.

A strong core is the foundation. It is the your building block to a better body and a better life.

Focus and Consistency


  1. I use laser focus. I set my sights on exactly what I want.
  2. If you did everything you were capable of, you would amaze yourself.
  3. Visualize the kind of life you want to have.
  4. I visualized myself walking on the beach.
  5. You can do anything you set your mind to.


  1. Be consistent. Fit people move more. Our bodies were designed to move.
  2. Find an activity that you like, and do more of that. Walking, personal training, bicycling, running, yoga, exercise class or swimming. Pick one or two and get started.
  3. The best exercise program is the one that you will do.


We need to keep challenging ourselves.

Do something that’s effective, safe and stay consistent.